Hrim Creation




During one of my journeys to Thailand and other East Asian cities, I saw that Hinduism had a profound influence on its art, culture, and crafts. Everywhere I could see people worshipping Lord Vishnu (The Preserver God). The Thai people are also well versed with the Indian Epic Ramayana and believe Lord Ram to be an avatar (reincarnation) of Lord Vishnu.

In my painting, I have tried to portray “Shratrughana”, the youngest brother of Lord Ram and his queen “Shrutikirti” in an oriental setting. Shrutikirti was also Sita’s cousin sister and was the princess of the royal state of “Sankashan”. I have used my artistic imagination and have tried to include minute details of art, craft, culture, lifestyle, glorious oriental interior, and the unique and beautiful architecture of East Asia which I greatly admire and love.

As per local belief and legend, “Ramrajya” flourished all the way from the Far East to the European continent. Apparently, after his coronation, Lord Ram handed over the governance of the East Asian provinces to his youngest sibling “Prince Shatrughana”.

Location Inspired from: - My visit to Thailand and other East Asian cities, Artefacts which touched my heart during my visit to Philadelphia Art Museum and Buckingham Palace London. It also showcases some of the artifacts collected by me during my travels.