Hrim Creation


Dr. Ravidarshan vyas (adhyaksh of Shri Bhuvaneshwari temple) and Director of Shri Bhuvaneshwari Aushadhashram Pvt. Ltd.

Journey of life on canvas

Gondal once a princely state situated in Saurashtra region of western Gujarat, it is still a well known town full of beautiful architecture and history. I am privileged to be born in the family whose history is woven with the royal families since almost last 300 years. Shri Bhuvaneshwari pith temple and bhuvaneshwari ayurvedic pharmacy and institute founded by my grandfather Rajvaidya His Holiness Acharyashri Charantirthji Maharaj who was the physician of royal family and pioneered ayurveda in this region around 1904 and he was the person who conferred title of “MAHATMA” to Gandhiji in 1915. Gandhi Smriti and plaque are still there in Bhuvaneshwari premises. Shri Bhuvaneshwari Pith still renders numerous religious and charitable activities.

My father Gopal Ratna His Holiness Acharyashri Ghanshyamji carried forward this heritage and also promoted scientific gir cattle and kathiawadi horse breeding and placed Gondal’s reputation on international map.

In 1997 after qualifying as doctor in homeopathic alternative medicine I decided to carry forward this legacy inherited by my grandfather and joined the office and currently I behold as adhyaksh of the temple.

Right from my childhood I was inclined towards arts. I was fortunate to view some of the best museums, historic palatial monuments displaying exotic arts and travelling to most amazing places of the globe. My love for study of arts, different forms of dance and music that varies from folk to classical, architecture and passion for interiors inspired from grand royal palaces of Indian Raj to cosy streets of native or colonial India. During this journey of life I collected this data of knowledge of arts, culture, traditions, fashion and lifestyle of not only different continents of the globe but also of remote areas of India varying of different casts, creed and religion.

I self taught the art myself and by referring the art work study of renowned artists. Admiring and fascinated by the style of legendary artist Raja Ravi Varma, I accepted him as his inspirational guru. As I used to visit Laxmi Vilas palace Vadodara (Gujarat) as the royal family is known to me, I started admiring the creation and composition style of this legendary painter hence started following his footsteps. His indo-western style of composing and dramatizing Indian mythological stories and presenting these characters into a modern style of composition in late ninetieth century brought a grand revolution in Indian art industry. I try to portray similar characters which he have not painted with more intricate brushwork. Hence my compositions will reflect this style of uniqueness of the past golden era of India.

I started painting seriously with oils from 2003 and tried learning portraiture and finally created a series of paintings initiating in 2015 titled “Hrim Creation”. In October 2018 this collection was offered to the lotus feet of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankerji during his darshan and kuldevi yagya at Gondal. Second time offering was done with public display in Vadodara in mid December 2019. H. H. Rajmata Subhangini Raje Gaekwad graced the occasion accompanied by Their Highnesses and entire royal family in the royal premises itself (Kirti Mandir Palace).

As this journey is still going on, now this entire collection is permanently displayed in my private art gallery in Gondal “journey of life on canvas”.

“Journey of Life on Canvas”

Glimpses of my inspirations...

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“Journey of Life on Canvas”

As the saying goes “Life is a journey and not a destination” and so I believe the same holds true for a “Celebration of Colors on Canvas”.

Though this artistic journey of mine began way back with drawing on rough pages of school books, the walls of my house, a few brush strokes on coloring books every once in a while and as a holiday activity. As time went by my love for art, creativity, travel experiences and keenness in observing arts and crafts while window shopping, all gave boost to a desire to enhance my artistic skills, assimilate my experiences and paint my own masterpieces.

These artistic creations have a unique style of composition, as it gives a glimpse of me my own self, my dreams, experiences, thoughts, intuitions and emotions. It also depicts the various charming locations which have inspired me during my many travel escapades. I am trying to give you a glimpse of my life through this “Painted Biography”.

In Indian mythology there are many instances where one can learn a lot about the emotional aspects of life. Capturing a moment from our mythology, I have tried to depict my inner feelings in a personalized manner through my paintings. The frames too have been individually created keeping in mind the mood and theme of each painting.

At this moment I would like to pay homage to Goddess Shri Bhuvaneshwari Ma without whose blessings I would not have been able to complete my creative task. Blessings of my Late Grand Father Acharya Shri Charantirthji Maharaj ( Raj Vaidya of erstwhile Gondal State in Saurashtra, Gujarat ), who has left behind a rich historical legacy, my parents whose blessings are always with me, my family members who have always been my strength. My inspirational guru Shri Raja Ravi Varma whose paintings have always touched my heart, my teachers who have guided and helped me improve and enhance my skills, and to all the great artists whom I lovingly admire.